Patent Electric Bicycle Scooter

Patent Electric Bicycle Scooter has the same control method as traditional electric bicycle, which can be easily learned by drivers. It has simple structure, small wheels, light and easy than traditional electric bicycle, which can save a lot of social resources. Its main structure includes frame, handlebars, tires, and battery. The body of our scooter is made of metal and has a very fine appearance after fine painting and polishing processes.Patent Electric Bicycle Scooter is available in different colors and can also be customized.
Our Patent Electric Bicycle Scooter is foldable and has a maximum load capacity of 120kg, allowing it to carry more items. It also has 3 adjustable gears, so you can decide which gear to drive according to road conditions and proficiency. In addition, it has 3 heavy-duty shock absorption features, which are under the rear tire footplate, tire, and spring, plus multiple brakes, which can promptly respond to the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of the driver.
Product name: Electric Bike Scooter
Max load: 120 kg
Motor: 24V, 250 W brushless controller..
Battery: 24V7.5AH
Size: 12inch rear motor & 16inch front tire
Range: 20-25kms
Charging time: 3-4hours, depending on the condition of the battery.
Brakes: E-Brake and V brake
Display: LED screen.
Max speed: 30km/h