Warranty Policy:

A:Where parts failures within the warranty period and in warranty, the after-sale service must fulfill obligations.
B:Where the warranty service items, please show purchase invoices.
C:Where parts are out of warranty, the company/agent is still responsible for the repairs, but need to be charged.

Warranty Parts:

1:Battery, motor, mainboard have one year guarantee, namely replace new parts with old parts for free(Anthropogenic causes not covered under warranty).
The warranty will not be covered under the following conditions :
1:Malfunction due to misuse/going off curbs , tricks , stunts , etc.
2:Malfunction caused by unauthorized modifications , disassembling , or repair .
3:Accidental damage or malfunction due to unsuitable storage .
4:Unmatched warranty/proof of purchase and product .
5:Surface damages .
6:Disassembling parts unspecified by this manual .
7:Damage or malfunction caused by long rides in the rain or soaking in water .