About Us

Shenzhen shining electric co., ltd.was founded in 2012,we have a strong R & D team.  Electronic R & D center was established in 2012 and hire a number of senior technology consultant, senior Engineer to join the core team members from University and other world-class elite's degrees, main master the motor, battery, controller, and other core technologies.
Four years, successfully developed a variety of high-tech electronic products, especially in the development of electric vehicles unicycle wheel products with great success. Our introduction of foreign technology, the multi-testing and improvement, ranked the market for similar products technical defects improve product performance and providing the unicycle electric car production technologies from multiple vendors.

★Star products★

  • Stable, safe and highly reliable vehicles
  • Fast production speed and high efficiency, 
  • More than 5 test during the production and before shipment
  • High quality material and improve the technical to make sure the quality vehicles

★Star service★

  • A package of worriless management
    Early-stage communication — sufficient communication with you, upon your request, the professional team carries out optimum conceptual design after discussion.
  • During production — we keep in contact with you all the way from production of parts, assembly and shipment
  • After sales maintenance
    We promise to one year maintenance for main component. and the technical support
We firmly believe that a good vehicle can bring people a colorful life and more high-end life experience